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Be Good Get 20% Off

Posted on May 10 2018

Making an Impact Just Got Easier

We’ve Done Good
Taylar Leigh Apparel partners with DoneGood to give you a forever 20% off on all our clothes! DoneGood picks superior brands like TLA who offer Earth-kind products born from practices that improve ecological sustainability— products backed by a commitment to make our world a better place.

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How it Works
Simply install the FREE compatible browser extension or mobile app and go shopping. As you search for merchandise anywhere online, DoneGood pops up superior, mission-driven brands on the same items you’re seeking, only DoneGood's merchants offer generous discounts.  Plus, a portion of any sale from DoneGood’s influence goes to support their noble cause.

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Why DoneGood?
DoneGood conveniently makes you aware of worthy alternatives from top green merchants like us who offer you exclusive savings. These brands not only offer the highest quality products, but they pay their workers a living wage and support causes good for people and planet.

Do Good Discounts
To help bolster and grow this worthy movement, we’re offering a forever 20% discount for all DoneGood users. We always strive to support companies like DoneGood who are on a mission to improve everyone’s lives. So we’re delighted to be a part of the DoneGood community!  Join us. Click the seal, download their super cool app, and make a positive, earth-kind impact.