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Earth-Kind Packaging

Posted on January 19 2018

“Because to the earth how you ship it is as important as how you make it.”
- EcoEnclose.


The dirty secret in the cheap, disposable world of Fast Fashion is all about the short-term gains of hyper repurchasing and its environmental impact.  Wasteful packaging practices are just another nasty byproduct of what one can fairly argue as a selfish, polluting model. 

From our better made, longer-lasting, organic-based fabrics to the way they are shipped, our Fashion Future™ Company is beholden to sustainable Earth-kind practices. At Taylar Leigh Apparel, we thoughtfully consider all the details of our committed green processes in order to support a better planet to leave to your grandchildren.

A revolution is underway. More and more environmentally conscious consumers are insisting on Earth-friendly practices. Recycled packaging just makes better sense because far less resources and energy is used than traditional packaging.  Doing our small part, Taylar Leigh Apparel partners with Eco-Enclose to provide our customers with 100% compostable1 and biodegradable2 boxes made from recycled post-consumer materials. Even the markings on our box are printed with enviro-friendly, soy-based ink.  Finally, we offset the carbon footprint of all our USPS-shipped orders.

So breathe easy. Know that our 100% Earth-friendly shipping box and all its accompanying items save oxygen-giving trees. Plus, feel good knowing your new earth-fashioned clothes are delivered in shipping materials given a new life and purpose that otherwise would be dumped in bloated landfills. It may be just a box. But we are doing our small part because our living planet depends on it.

Shop with confidence knowing that we are consciously 100% Earth-kind from the clothes we make to the way they arrive at your door.


1 Compostable. Meets D6400 composting standards set by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM): Under a managed composting program, the product must (a) break down to carbon dioxide, water, inorganic compounds, and biomass at a rate similar to paper, (b) disintegrate into small pieces within 90 days, so original product is not visually distinguishable in the compost, and (c) leave no toxic residue.
2 Biodegradable.  Disintegration by biological means; typically, composed of organic matter that can readily and more rapidly decompose by a wide variety of microorganisms much faster than materials like aluminum (175 years) or plastic (400 years).