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Why Green Matters

Posted on February 22 2018

Our certification means TLA employs the highest standards that not only prove our commitment to responsible Green practices, but promotes positive environmental stewardship. Certified Green Businesses like ours adopt principles, policies and practices that improve ecological sustainability and the quality of life for customers, employees, and communities. TLA is part of a Green Network of thousands changing the way America does business. So why is Green a thing?

The Blaze that Sparked the Craze
Green is far from just a new millennial craze. American eco-awareness dates back decades likely sparked by dereliction and disaster. For instance, Cleveland's Cuyahoga River had to burst into flames TWICE before the Environmental Protection Agency was born in 1970. Strengthening of the Clean Water Act soon followed in ‘72.

Green Equals More Green
An increasing number of businesses have a sense of eco-urgency and for good reason. Green deeds prove profitable in gaining customers and improving logistics.  New data shows more than half of all consumers will pay extra for green products. This means new sales for businesses going green. What’s more, like TLA, green practices improve logistics and fix inefficiencies that reduce ecological footprints while saving even more. UPS optimized their transportation protocols by maximizing right-turn routes that reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions. We at TLA adopt on-demand, low impact manufacturing that yields no wasted inventory or fabric which avoids landfill dumping. Therefore, brand promotion, sales potential, smarter less wasteful logistics, even tax breaks are all the profitable perks of going green.

Protecting the Pale Blue Dot
So why does Green Certification Matter? Put simply, the big picture on the cosmic map is “You Are Here.” It is about preserving you and your planet. In 2013, NASA’s Cassini spacecraft snapped this rare image nearly a billion miles from us. From this distance, our Earth is just a fragile, pale, blue dot seen right below Saturn’s rings. You are here. Promoting ecological sustainability is well ... logical. Supporting green businesses serves to nurture and sustain our good Earth— a miraculous pale blue dot “suspended in a Sunbeam” as the late American Astronomer, Carl Sagan, described it. You ... are ... here ... living on this rare, majestic, cosmic jewel ... if you can keep it. Why not support Certified Green businesses like TLA? You will breathe easier. 🌎