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Think Custom Made for You

Posted on February 03 2018

All images tied to this blog are not stock photos. These ladies are expert American seamstresses at our U.S. plant making garments specifically for our customers. We think our new way of bringing you quality, U.S. made to order, comfy, Earth-kind clothes is a more sensible and sustainable way for these top reasons:

  1. Think Better Fit.  Fit is everything to get a more figure flattering look. That’s our commitment to all our custom made to order apparel. Accurately measure yourself, pick your size, and we do the rest. If you’re taller than most, give us your inseam measurement at checkout.

  2. Think Higher Quality, Longer Lasting Fabrics.  Our organic fabrics are carefully selected and meticulously tested. Organically grown cotton yields stronger, longer lasting fibers and uses half the energy than traditionally grown cotton. On the contrary, quality is not the priority with mass-produced, fast fashion clothes, which also come with eco-baggage.

  3. Think Precision Made. Your garment is precision made by the expert guiding hands of professional seamstresses. This is important because they can make instant adjustments or spot and correct inconsistencies. They apply the optimal high number of stitches per inch, which ensures the fabric is even more durable.

  4. Think Time Saving Efficiency.  Ordering your custom made garment couldn’t be faster, easier and more straightforward. Breeze through options, pick the item, choose from 15 form-fitting sizes, and place your order.  Even take advantage of our free made to measure offer.  Results are guaranteed.  On the flip side, think of the time-robbing obstacles you endure through traditional shopping.  Pay for gas to drive the distance. Park the car. Feed the meter. Dodge the crowds, then tangle with sales agents only to find “Sold Outs” or “Unavailables.” Why is this still a thing?

Think about Taylar Leigh custom made to order apparel.
Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten. Don’t you think?


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