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Low Impact Manufacturing

Posted on January 16 2018

With every high-tech improvement and low cost innovation, cutting edge, U.S. Made-to-Order apparel is turning heads in the traditional garment-making world.1  And Taylar Leigh Apparel is boldly leading the way. Know why Green Manufacturing is better for both planet and people.

  • Unlimited Size Options
  • Design Flexibility
  • No Wasted Inventory
  • No Wasted Fabric
  • No Landfill Dumping

Made-to-Order production model no doubt offers significant environmental advantages over traditional overseas manufacturing.  


Garments are mass produced in foreign lands, shipped across the globe then sit in drafty warehouses waiting for purchase. The number of items needed per color and size is a forecast.  If the guess is too high, all expended energy, cost and inventory is wasted.  And, it is costly for businesses to “warehouse” off-season, fashions. 

Sadly, so often unsold fast-fashion inventory is dumped in landfills long after being shipped and handled multiple times.  Wasted raw material, wasted woven fabric, wasted energy, wasted labor, more greenhouse emissions, and landfill overflows is the bitter result of fast-fashion.

You get exactly what you want, the fit you want, and precisely when you want it. Nothing is made until you order it. This means no fabric or inventory is ever wasted.  Once ordered, your garment fabric is first precision cut by state-of-the-art technology then machine sewn by the skillful guiding hands of expert seamstresses.

We merge high-tech machinery and computer systems with the unmatched human touch.  This leading edge process not only is a Green way to make clothes, but it fosters more freedom and choice. Our plant can manufacture millions of unique styles, colors and sizes. Our flexibility to modify designs, sizes, and quickly add styles that meet your unique needs is what sets us apart from fast fashion mainstream manufacturing.


Here's your manufacturing team located in Florence, Alabama.


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