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Custom Lengths

Need a Special Hem Length?
We’re custom made to order. We'll do it for FREE.

Grab a soft measuring tape and we'll first review a few important terms.

RISE: The center seam that runs down the front through the Crotch and up the back.  Top of Inseam intersects with the Rise seam at the crotch.
CROTCH:  The top point between the legs where Rise and Inseam intersect.
INSEAM: The measured length from bottom Crotch at seam to lower ankle.

Method A:  
Do it Yourself
Method B: 
Get a Helpful Friend

Method A. Take a favorite pair of pants that are your perfect length.
⚠️Consider height of the shoe heel you intend to wear with the pants.
1. Lay your pants on a table or floor.
2. Straighten one leg so it lays flat from Rise seam to bottom Hem.
3. Measure the long inner seam of the leg. This is your Inseam.

Method B. Get a friend to help.
⚠️Put on the shoes you plan to wear with the pants.
1. Hold the top of the measuring tape at your crotch between your legs.
2. Have friend take other tape end and measure to your desired length.
3. Length should be about ¼” from the floor while wearing shoes.

4. This is your Inseam.

Example: Say you’re a super tall size medium with a desired inseam length of 36”. Order size MT ( Medium | Tall ) which has a length of 34”. You'll add special instructions shortly.
1. Pick your option from the size drop-down menu, then click ADD TO CART.
2. The Cart Drawer appears. Notice the "special instructions" box.
3. When ready to check out, type "Inseam Length 36” in the special instructions box.

⚠️Since cotton fibers naturally shrink after laundering, we already added length to account for shrinkage. So, after washing, your length will match your chosen size!