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My Story

The Inspiration.  I grew up in rural Georgia.  Mom was a seamstress making clothes for family and friends.  Our only sewing machine was a self-pedaling Singer.  Dad liked it because it was “easy to fix.”  Painful Lessons. My earliest sewing memory was at age 6. I sneaked into the sewing room and decided to give it a try.  I could only operate the machine while standing and I barely saw over the top. I found a fabric swatch, eagerly started pedaling, and drove the needle straight through my index finger! Fearing sewing room sanctions I tried to hide my painful piercing.  But mom quickly noticed and after cleaning and a band-aid, she was quick to give me sewing lessons. I was hooked. No pun intended. Thus began my life in the apparel fashion industry.

Knowledge College.  I made it through high school being that “girl who made her own crazy clothes.” In college, I completed an Apparel/Textile Engineering BS degree. Physics, Calculus, Chemistry— the path was no picnic. But I wanted to learn everything there was to know about the industry including the science behind it.  I paid for college through many design projects. Life Line. For a time, I even launched an Activewear line which sold in boutiques nationwide and helped pay for school. The line was ahead of its time for 1990, but I wasn’t quite ready then to go it alone. (I plan on a retrospective of the Activewear line – so stay tuned).

Culture Craze.  So, off  I went into the corporate culture working for companies like Gerber Garment Technology, Aramark, Russell Athletic, Guess?, and Land’s End.  I was successful, traveled the globe, and embraced it all! I loved the bustling sound of sewing machines in our factories.  I enjoyed speaking the common seamstress language among talented clothiers even if I couldn't speak their native language. Most of all, I was moved by their warm embrace as we sat together for cultural home-cooked lunches. While I honored them all with a heartfelt toast they considered me their honored guest.

Here & Now.  Fast forward and here I am with my new line of clothing promoting a cleaner, more Earth-kind business model.  I draw from all my experiences and skills as a designer, pattern-maker, cost-engineer, manufacturer and it takes them all to be here. Nevertheless, I’m still loving all of it!

As for Mom, she's still sewing on that pedal machine
... and Dad's still fixing it!